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Analucia Schliemann



  • Higher Ed: Education 


Analcia D. Schliemann is Professor Emerita and Research Professor at Tufts University Department of Education. She worked for 20 years at the Federal University of Pernambuco, in Recife, Brazil and was a Fulbright Scholar at LRDC-University of Pittsburgh. Her work on everyday mathematics has been published in English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. Some of this work appears in "Street Mathematics and School Mathematics" (with T. Nunes and D. Carraher, New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993). At Tufts (since 1994), her research has focused on children's early algebraic reasoning and on classroom activities designed to explore the algebraic character of arithmetic in elementary school. Part of this work is described in her last book, "Bringing Out the Algebraic Character of Arithmetic" (with D. Carraher and B. Brizuela; Erlbaum, 2007). She is a co-PI in the Poincar Institute project. 


Mathematics Education, Algebra in elementary school, Developmental Psychology, and Cross-Cultural Psychology 


Schliemann, A.D., Carraher, D.W., & Brizuela, B. (2011, in press). Algebra in Elementary School and its Impact on Middle School Learning. Recherches en Didactique des Mathmatiques, Paris, France.
Carraher, D.W., Martinez, M., & Schliemann, A.D., & (2008). Patterns, variables, functions, and generalization in third grade. Zentralblatt fur Didaktik der Mathematik, (40)1, 3-22.
Carraher, D.W., Schliemann, A.D. & Schwartz, J. (2008). Early algebra is not the same as algebra early. In J. Kaput. D. Carraher, & M. Blanton (Eds.), Algebra in the Early Grades. Mahwah, NJ, Erlbaum.
Schliemann, A.D., Carraher, D.W., & Brizuela, B. (2007). Bringing Out the Algebraic Character of Arithmetic: From Children's Ideas to Classroom Practice. Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.