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Barbara Brizuela



  • Higher Ed: Education 


Brbara studied in Argentina and the U.S., where she moved in 1995. She has been a kindergarten and seventh grade teacher in Argentina as well as a Spencer Foundation research training grantee. In 2008-2009 Brbara was a Spencer Fellow, a Fulbright Senior Scholar, and a Schuster Family Faculty Fellow in Arts & Sciences (Tufts University). Her current research focuses on children's learning of the notational number system, notational aspects of mathematics, children's learning of elementary mathematics, including early algebra, and mathematics teachers' learning and professional development.

Since 1998, she has also been involved in a research project on children's early algebraic reasoning and teaching elementary school children, exploring the intertwined nature of arithmetic and algebra (see In the past, she has also investigated the connections between engineering and algebra through a project funded by the General Electric Foundation. Her main areas of interest are early childhood education, cognitive development, and mathematics education. Her research is grounded on the fundamental belief that our primary goal as educators is to understand and highlight children's thinking and reasoning in productive ways. 


learning of elementary mathematics
including early algebra
mathematics teachers' learning and professional development 


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